Through the Eyes of Anka

If you ever wondered what a season at Villa Orti looks like from another perspective, you will find out below. Our housekeeper Anka, actually the heart and soul of Villa Orti, gave us an insight into her working summer.

M: What are your impressions after another successful summer?

A: The season was, as always, demanding, busy and hot. But there were no particular problems and our guests’ feedback confirmed we did a great job. My recommendation for future guests is to consider visiting Dubrovnik during the postseason. The weather is then still perfect, both for swimming or sightseeing, and the atmosphere in the Old City is calmer and more intimate.

M: Communicating with different guests from all around the globe, would you say they have anything in common?

A: I honestly admire the fact that all our guests like small and spontaneous gestures the most, no matter where they are from and how old they are. And they always want to learn about me or how locals live, which I consider very nice.

M: Did some life anecdotes happen this season that you will remember for a long time?

A: Funny anecdotes are something that are definitely not missing at Villa Orti. And I enjoy them because laughter is the best medicine, good exercise and a universal language…One of our guests resembled a member of the British Parliament and I told him so. Although I happened to be mistaken, he was certainly amused with the situation and laughed heartedly.
What I like the most at Villa Orti is to see families or friends reunite. It is so cheerful when people from all around the world come together at our villa. Smiles, laughter, songs, dances, gifts…My favourites!

M: What do our guests consider to be the best advantages of the villa?

A: Privacy. That is definitely the number one advantage. They also love the magical feeling of home and frequently mention the design of the villa, its comfort and natural light

M: What unpredictable situations did you have to handle this summer?

A: One day we were caught by surprise when an enormous cloudburst absolutely soaked Dubrovnik. Our guests were alone at the villa that evening and I was worried about them. Needlessly, as they were not afraid at all. On the contrary, they were very resourceful, finding ways to protect the villa as if it were their own.

M: You often see guests coming back from trips or excursions. What do they like the most?

A: Of course, they adore the historic city centre of Dubrovnik. They also like to visit the Elaphiti Islands, the island of Mljet, the city of Split, Montenegro and the sanctuary of Medjugorje. They often return with tons of brochures as mementos and tell me that such natural beauty and richness of history is rarely seen. I would say that the best trips are those by boat, our guests always return in a good mood after these trips. After a delicious fish dish and a glass of great wine (or two) watching the sunset, who wouldn’t feel happy?

M: As a host and a local, what can you recommend for future guests in Dubrovnik?

A: I think they should explore the Old City of Dubrovnik until they have learned something about every single corner, because every stone has a story to tell. This city has a lot to offer, not only Stradun and the iconic City Walls. Churches, museums, the island of Lokrum, Srdj hill and other various trips in the region, as well as biking, kayaking, yachting…I would strongly suggest not to eat international food, but to try something traditional and local. Dubrovnik and its hinterland are wealthy in gastronomy. Indeed, you can choose from many types of fruits, vegetables, fish, cheese, wine and liqueurs. It is good to remember the names of pršut, pašticada, menestra and arancini. And to note down that, with our great cheese and tasty wine, every guest will be delighted.

Interview by:
Monika Hrastić, student of journalism

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