Boutique Villa Orti

We often hear the word boutique, and frequently we can see it used to describe accommodation. But what is in fact boutique and what does it stand for?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word boutique is used to describe a small fashionable business that sells a particular product or service. And what are the characteristics of a boutique villa?

The main characteristics of a boutique villa are privacy and a unique appearance. It is intimate sized accommodation who is in search of an individualistic clientele looking for a stylish, small and private getaway.
It will make you feel like a local, and by that, we mean both in architecture and atmosphere. It will remind you where you are and give you part of the local life with luxury style. It combines historic details with chic elegance.

And let’s not forget the service. As we mentioned intimacy and a friendly atmosphere, the staff will also follow those guidelines. They will know your name, needs and will be on service all the time. Helping you to make your travel more personalised whether it is planning your excursions, helping you to decide on which restaurant to visit or maybe you would prefer to have your own personal chef at the villa– our staff is always here to help you.
According to all this, Villa Orti is in, in fact, a boutique villa providing traditional style with luxury amenities and privacy. Our staff is always at your service and we would like you to feel at home.

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