Unforgettable! Magnifique! Immaculate! Superb!

From our team – Dubrovnik, early September

At Villa Orti, like in every happy family, we like to gather and share impressions and experiences. Such a little break once in a while keeps us cheerful in life and enthusiastic in hospitality.
When we last met, we picked up our guestbook and read together the comments of this year’s guests. These are just a few of the testimonies that made us feel proud:

„We have a great great time! Unforgettable! Villa Orti, magnifique! Thank you very much!“
Mac, Columbia
July 7th

„What a beautiful setting. I can’t imagine a more restful place to stay. Thank you for keeping it immaculate and helping us to relax and enjoy your amazing country.“
Butei, New York
July 21st -31st

„You helped make my ten day birthday celebration with my friends absolutely everything I had hoped. Thank you!“
Nicole Heath, Conneticut
August 1st

„We spent some unforgettable days here, very good service at Villa Orti, I will value it forever. Thank you.“
Ana Maria, Venezuela
August 12th

„It was a very nice stay in this beautiful setting. Unique views, superb infrastructure and extremely good hospitality! Looking forward to visiting Villa Orti again!“
September 5th

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