Happy parents and an amazing nanny

During the summer our youngest team member Tihana was babysitting two little Canadian girls who were staying at Villa Orti with their parents.

Two and four years old, the girls were very charming and full of energy. As Tihana is in her last year at the teaching faculty she enjoyed their presence enormously. And she learned something new as well. Thanks to these two little princesses Tihana realised that she knows a multitude of Croatian songs but almost no English ones. The girls did not hesitate to teach her some and to enjoy the evening with her dancing, laughing, playing and singing.

And their parents? They went out to watch the World Cup football match England – Croatia and had a sensational night. We don’t really know if they supported the Croatian team, but we do know that they fully enjoyed their evening. All the time they were in contact with Tihana through the WhatsApp group they made and felt very relaxed because their children were happy with their nanny.

PS – Nanny Tihana recently bought a book with English songs. No doubt next year we’ll have duets on the program at Villa Orti

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