Boutique Villa Orti is a wonderful property situated in one of the most traditional parts of Dubrovnik, situated just outside the Old City walls. This area is known as the „Historical Gardens“, as it was home to the fruit and vegetable gardens of the citizens of the Republic of Ragusa from the 15th century on. It is then no surprise that the Villa takes its name from ‘Orto’, the Italian word for a vegetable garden.
The villa stretches between two streets that both bring you to Pile, one of the two mayor gataways into the Old City.
The upper entrance to the property opens onto Anica Bošković Street, once known as the ‘Street Between the Gardens’, or ‘Via negli Orti’. This street forms a beautiful path into the Old Town – a quick 15 minute walk in the shade, it’s also free from traffic and gives visitors an intimate glimpse into Dubrovnik’s historical suburbs.
From the lower entrance on Ulica Branitelja Dubrovnika you can take a slow walk to Pile in about 10 minutes, or take a bus if you prefer. The „University“ bus stop is almost in front of the Villa.