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Would you like to see what guests had to say about their stay at Villa Orti? Here are some of the experiences they shared with us:

Thank you for a fantastic stay in this beautiful Villa. Loved every minute.
Monica – the Netherlands

I am absolutely looking forward to visiting Villa Orti again. I felt like a prince the whole time!
Guest from Canada

Villa Orti – wow!! What a wonderful visit … the best vacation EVER!! Wonderful rooms, Anka and Iris were great, Marko cooked up a story, weather great, Adriatic amazing, Limun beers and cliff jumping … and more. A return trip is an absolute must for our group. Thanks for a lifetime of Great Marianos!!
De Winter Family – USA

We loved every minute spent on these beautiful grounds of this amazing country.
Hancock Family – USA

Dear Villa Orti Team,
We had a wonderful stay!
The service was superb and we really enjoyed our time! We will surely come back.

Dear Orti Team,
Thank you very much for such a comfortable stay in this lovely place. You make us feel at home. It was so relaxed here that on this last day we wish we could stay more. This villa is very good both for adults and children. Simple, contemporary, stylish and comfortable.
Wish everyone luck and hope to come back.
From Russia with love!
Masha (5 years), Margarita, Olga and Vladimir

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay at Villa Orti!
Anka is the loveliest housekeeper and she took great care for us!
The villa is fantastic and so perfect for exploring the delights of the Old Town!
Thank you!
Steph & Liz – UK

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