ROMANA, back-stage, but indispensable

At Villa Orti, nothing can happen without the blessing of Romana. From the very beginning of the renovation, she has been involved in every detail of the process, from licence acquisition to reconstruction and interior design. 

Now that the estate has a mission to fulfil, she has proved to be a formidable coordinator: she monitors the website, follows up on reservations, organises maintenance, links with the local authorities and the accountant, and, happens to be an unlimited source of useful information for agencies and partners. Although Romana is not based on the premises, she is still one of the most knowledgeable sources on the property.

the newest rock in the team

ANKA, the heart of Villa Orti

One of our guests wrote in our guestbook: “Our housekeeper was the most adorable Croatian lady whom we wanted to take back to London with us!” As a matter of fact, he was not the only one to praise Anka.

With her warm personality, she’s always on the go, cheerful and considerate – and loved by young and old, from anywhere in the world.

Her skills are not only seen in the detailed upkeep of the property – Anka is responsible for the beautiful flower beds and vegetable garden, the bedlinen and the decorations – as well as the home-brewed liquors and traditional jam. Everything she touches shows her dedication to providing an exceptional experience for every guest. Knowing when to keep to herself, but on hand when you need her, she is a true hospitality professional.

No matter how tempted you might be, Anka is firmly tied to Croatia, valuing the heritage and traditions of her home country. However, she’s always there to welcome you to Villa Orti again and again!



ANN MYRIAM, passion and providence

As Managing Owner of the Luxury Villas Dubrovnik, I am delighted to welcome you to our properties.

More than 30 years ago I came to Dubrovnik for the first time, invited to study at the Inter-University Centre. It should have been a fugitive step in my life, but it became the beginning of a story that I will treasure until the end of my days.

Learning the Croatian language and assimilating its age-old culture and literature were at that time my only ambitions. I didn’t know yet that I would come back with my Croatian husband fifteen years later, longing to contribute to Croatian’s renewal after the Homeland War of the 1990’s.

Fascinated by the cultural heritage of this region and encouraged by the enthusiasm of Belgian family members, we decided to find and purchase some abandoned, but unique and authentic properties worth renovating. It took us years and years of time and energy, but today we are thankful for each guest and each villa.