Have you ever really looked at Villa Orti’s logo?
Before we tell you how the creator translated his impression of Villa Orti in this logo, let us tell you how it came to be.
Villa Orti’s logo is the work of Mr Ivan Prtenjak, an established Croatian architect and art historian, who has made Belgium his second home for decades. He is the mastermind behind a number of individual and collective housing projects, sacral buildings, museums, public buildings, urban complexes and renovation and restoration projects in many countries . One of the main themes across his vast portfolio is the subtle relationship between the past and present – old and new – as he works on developing the relationship between historical heritage and contemporary creation.

Mr Prtenjak is a long-time friend of the Villa’s owners, an entrepreneurial Belgian family who simply fell in love with Croatia at the end of the 20th century. As Prtenjak is an expert on the historical mansions of the Dubrovnik region, he was keen on observing the property during its renovation, and was struck by the beauty of the Villa throughout this process.

To the delight of the owners he proposed a very special gift: To show his appreciation of the careful renovation work that had been done on such an important piece of local history, he offered to design the logo for Villa Orti. His aim was to create an image that symbolises the identity and true essence, charm and atmosphere, of the Villa itself.

So what do you discover when looking at the logo?

At first glance you will probably see a circular formation of petals, symbolising a flower. This reminds us of the musical rhythm of nature – after all, the area around Villa Orti is where the historical gardens of Dubrovnik were first formed. The circular imagery pays homage to the form of rosettes commonly featured in Christian Cathedrals and Croatian art. The circle is also a nod to one of history’s most well-known symbols “yin and yang“, and the notion of opposites existing in complete harmony.

The deep red represents the bougainvillea in the pergola in front of the main house – a trademark of Villa Orti.
The aim of the property’s renovations was to bring all facets of Villa Orti together, in harmony. Old and new.
We hope that you will experience this harmony first hand when you visit the Villa.