Nestled in an elite residential area, just a stroll away from the Old Town, Villa Orti represents a piece of living history.

Our story starts in 1825, when Villa Orti was first mentioned during the Austro-Hungarian reign. The Villa started as a modest farm building, charted on a small collection of Viennese maps of the time. The surrounding land was home to abundant Mediterranean crops, including citrus fruit, lavender and rosemary. Further construction took place in 1885, following the Dubrovnik municipality’s decision to grant a permit to the owner.

Today, as Boutique Villa Orti stand in its full glory, it continues to hold the charm of a typical Dubrovnik mansion. Architecturally impressive, it perfectly combines high modern standards and strong functionality. The elegant Boutique Villa stylishly highlights contrasting Scandinavian minimalist design with the poignant historical details of its past.